Andrea Camilleri – La giostra degli scambi / A Carousel of Mistaken Identities


The day gets off to a bad start for Montalbano: intervening to break up a fight on Marinella beach he hits the wrong man, then he is mistaken for one of the aggressors and stopped by the Carabinieri. To top it all, he hears that Adelina has mistaken a gentleman for a burglar and hit him on the head with a frying pan…

When he finally reaches his office the inspector learns about a strange abduction: a woman has been seized in a lonely street, drugged, and released unharmed a few hours later. The same thing happens a few days later; this time the woman abducted is the niece of Enzo, the owner of Montalbano’s favourite trattoria. The only link between the two abductions is the age of the two women, 30, and the fact that they both work in a bank. Alongside this investigation he has to deal with a case of arson: a shop that sells household appliances is burned down, and its owner, Marcello Di Carlo, seems to have vanished into thin air: has he run off with his lover after a holiday in the Canary Islands, disappeared to get away from his creditors, or been murdered by the mafia for not paying their protection money? At first sight this seems like a trivial case, but a third abduction – yet again of a girl who works in a bank – and the finding of a body open up new scenarios. Whose body is it? And where has Di Carlo’s secret lover gone?

Although the inspector feels that he is getting old, by relying on his intuitions and his ability to think outside the box he remains clear-sighted and, ignoring the obvious solution – never trust appearances – arrives at the truth. Thanks to his inexorable logic, and above all to his ability, enhanced by those advancing years, to understand motives and feelings.

Andrea Camilleri was born in Porto Empedocle in 1925.

He worked as a theatre, television and radio director and scriptwriter.

He has been a  playwright, an essayist, a professor of theatre studies, and a producer for Italy’s state-owned television network (RAI).

In 1978 he published his first novel, The Way Things Go, and since then he has never stopped writing, publishing more than 90 volumes, including historical novels, crime novels and political essays.

The first story featuring his main character, Inspector Salvo Montalbano, a fictional Sicilian police detective, was published in 1994 under the title “The Shape of Water”.

In the last 21 years he has written 24 Montalbano books, all published by Sellerio, which have reached the top of the bestseller lists in Italy and in Europe.

His books have sold almost 25 million copies in Italy and 15 million copies abroad, and have been translated into more than 32 languages.

Montalbano has become one of the most popular screen heroes in Italian cultural history, and the TV series has been sold and broadcast in 63 countries.

Andrea Camilleri has won numerous prestigious literary awards in Italy and in Europe, including the Premio Pepe Carvalho, the Festival del Noir BC Negra, the Crime Writer’s Association International Dagger, the Premio Internacional de Novela Negra, and the Cité de Paris.


La memoria

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