Giosuè Calaciura “Malacarne”

Malacarne ItaMalacarne, published for the first time at the Allusives in 2007, is the long monologue of a small mobster carried away in the story of his own life. The whole evolution of the contemporary mafia is brewed into a sort of general phantasmagoria; and it is death that dominates and finally reigns over this desperate universe permanently delivered to its own destruction. A fascinating apocalyptic novel that carries both the executioners and the victims, the thugs as their judges.


aep-dot aep-dot aep-dot  Giosuè Calaciura was born in Palermo in 1960. He is an author and journalist. In 1998 he published his first novel Malacarne (Baldini & Castoldi), then Sgobbo (Baldini & Castoldi Dalai, 2002, Prize of Selezione Campiello 2002), La figlia perduta. La favola dello Slum (Bompiani, 2005), Urbi et Orbi (Baldini & Castoldi Dalai, 2006), the anthology of short stories Bambini e altri animali (Sellerio, 2013), Pantelleria (Laterza, 2016), Borgo Vecchio (Sellerio, 2017). He is an author of radiodrama and the radio show Fahreneit on Radiotre. He collaborates with magazines and newspapers.



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