DAVIDE ENIA “Notes towards a Shipwreck”

Appunti per un naufragio

Notes towards a Shipwreck is a novel which in fact describes several different shipwrecks: that of the people who, ploughing across the surface of death, cross the Mediterranean Sea in unimaginable conditions; that of the people who pick them up, at the frontier of an era and a continent; that of the author himself, in his relationship with his father and with the discovery of what really happens on sea and land; and that of words, which plunge down into the depths in an attempt to convey the complexity of the present. Appunti per un naufragio tells the true story of several people united by direct experience of the fragility of life, which comes like a revelation, making them re-evaluate their lives and carrying them towards a new point of arrival: that of listening.


Albin Michel (France)
Other Press (World English Rights)
Patakis (Greece)
Wallstein (Germany)
Minuscula (Spain)