Andrea Camilleri – Morte in mare aperto e altre indagini del giovane Montalbano / Death on the Open Sea And Other Investigations of the Young Montalbano


‘Impulsiveness and a readiness to flout the rules is much more evident in the young Montalbano; not that it’s entirely absent in the mature Montalbano: it’s not a question of him being born an arsonist and dying a firefighter. He remains an arsonist; it’s just that that aspect of his character becomes more nuanced in later life. The young Montalbano moves more quickly in his investigations than the mature Montalbano; maturity brings with it a need to be quite sure before he charges someone, whereas his young counterpart only needs to be 70% sure. But the essential and fundamental characteristic of both Montalbanos is that they have a speculative mind’.
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Andrea Camilleri – La piramide di fango / The Pyramid of Mud


‘You said a word just now – pyramid. And I remembered… Do you know that for a long time no one could get into Cheops’ pyramid because they didn’t know where the entrance was? Then somebody took a short-cut and made a hole in the wall. They hadn’t been authorized to do so by the guardians of the pyramid. But the hole made it possible for the guardians themselves, who until then had been kept out, to get inside.’ Continue Reading

Andrea Camilleri – Le vichinghe volanti e altre storie d’amore a Vigàta / The Flying Viking Women And Other Love Stories from Vigàta


‘Camilleri is not just a magician with plots. He is an alchemist of language, a manipulator of tongues, an inventor of forms.’
Salvatore Silvano Nigro, Il Sole 24 Ore

‘A son of both Boccaccio and Brancati, Camilleri has made sexuality and eroticism into an extraordinary picklock for forcing the secrets of the most private bourgeois life’.
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