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Data di nascita
Data di nascita

“We are born every day, every time we find another piece of us, every time we discover ourselves different.”

We come into the world blind. In the sense of unaware: exposed to a bombardment of experiences, unaware of who we are, uncertain of the blurred boundaries between the self and the world. Moving from perception to knowledge is a lifelong endeavor. And this is how we are born many times: perhaps with the discovery of sex, or with the first great pain, the first injustice. Birth can also be a death, and vice versa. What is this moment, how does it manifest, at what cost? Eleven leading authors from the new Italian literary scene take on the task of narrating this turning point. Tales like gems that give us back a sense of the uniqueness of life experiences in the multiplicity of destinies, and illuminate a truth: perhaps this instant of epiphany has never been as significant and intense as it is today, for generations who are experiencing it earlier and earlier and who know how to recognize it with singular maturity. Teresa Ciabatti writes: “One never finishes being born, say the eleven writers, very different from each other, yet united by generation. To be part of the generation raised alone, the mother boys as Achille Lauro calls them. Raised without adults as parents worked, and grandparents were not there (far away, dead). Here they are free children with the world at their fingertips – be it even a television or a computer through which to imagine.