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Le nuove Eroidi

Just over two thousand years ago Ovid wrote an extraordinarily modern and original collection of poetic letters: the Heroides, a series of verse epistles in which the heroines of myth addressed their (generally not blameless) husbands and companions, overturning the traditional male point of view on the stories told.
Today eight leading female writers born in the 1970s reinterpret Ovid’s classic with absolute freedom, playing with the original myths in innovative and exciting ways.
Thus Antonella Lattanzi makes us witness the trial in which Phaedra is involved, we meet a new Medea in Maremma told by Teresa Ciabatti, we participate in the drama of Hero and Leander, fleeing their country on a barge in the Mediterranean, in the words of Ilaria Bernardini. And again Veronica Raimo shows us Laodamia engaged in an erotic chat with the ghost of Protesilaus, Caterina Bonvicini introduces us to a Penelope who has embarked by sea and rescues refugees while Ulysses awaits her in Ithaca, Chiara Valerio goes back to the time of the myth and reinvents the drama of Deianira, providing a new explanation to the events that provoked Hercules’ madness. Valeria Parrella, on the other hand, espouses Dido’s point of view in a long and cruel invective against the fearful Aeneas, guilty against the laws of love. Michela Murgia, finally, gives voice to Elena, because “when beauty and war become synonymous, there is no longer a difference between admiring and targeting.”
A book that starts from the topicality of the myth and focuses on the female perspective, with a short collection of intense and universal stories, suspended between modernity and eternity, crafted by eight exceptional female writers.