Alessandro Leogrande
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Fumo sulla città
Fumo sulla città

Alessandro Leogrande, rather than providing answers, tries to recount the many shards that generated the most serious ecological and industrial crisis in Italy’s memory, giving us one of his most intense reportages.

Taranto is often at the center of the national news, a profound symbol of the contradictions of southern Italy and its defeats. A city of alleys, sea, people from other southern lands, a city of factories and suburbs, a city of bad politics and often aborted dreams of redemption: a complex world that is difficult to grasp. The parable of Cito – a former fascist slugger, telepredicator, convicted for outside participation in mafia association, who became mayor by popular acclaim after the collapse of the First Republic – anticipates in many ways the Berlusconi season and shows the other side of an idea of development marked by heavy industrialization. Alessandro Leogrande has observed, scrutinized, narrated. He has angrily and lovingly written a book that leaves its mark, a journey in stages that focuses on some crucial moments of the last twenty years of citizenship, up to the hot summer of 2012. A reportage that narrates without discounting a piece of Italian territory that has become the mirror of the whole of Europe, of how in the midst of the twenty-first century people struggle to combine health and work, the preservation of the territory and the value of life itself. Preface by Nicola Lagioia.