Alessia Gazzola
Release date:

Il ladro gentiluomo

Alice Allevi, finally a specialist in forensic medicine, faced difficult choices both professionally and romantically. After a long and stormy courtship, it seemed that something had been born between her and Claudio Conforti, the charming and unpredictable forensic scientist with whom she has shared every misadventure since her residency days. For a moment, Alice believed she had finally reached a period of serenity, at least outside the Institute of Forensic Medicine. But in a moment of sentimental bewilderment, she asked for a transfer. And she gets it: to Domodossola. Fortunately for her, or in spite of herself, Alice will not have much time to dwell on her fate, because immediately a new case overwhelms her. During what she thought was a routine autopsy, Alice finds a diamond in the corpse’s stomach. A stone of considerable carat and value, but also important material evidence for the case. Therefore, Alice takes care to summon a bailiff to whom she will hand it over for safekeeping. The officer who comes to her is a distinguished and elegant man with polite and impeccable manners, and Alice does not hesitate to entrust him with the diamond. And it is at that point that the phantom officer disappears into thin air, and trouble for Alice begins to grow enormous….


Translation rights:
Presses de la Cité/Place des éditeurs (French)
Carl’s Book/Random House (German)
Suma/Santillana (Spanish World Rights)
Evro-Giunti (Serbian)
Nishimura (Japanese)
Jaguar (Polish)
İlgi Kültür Sanat Yayınları (Turkish)