Alessia Gazzola
Release date:


Il ladro gentiluomo

Alice Allevi, having qualified as a specialist in forensic medicine, has had to make some hard decisions, on both the professional and the personal level. After a long and stormy courtship, it seemed that something positive had started between her and Claudio Conforti, the handsome, unpredictable forensic surgeon with whom she has shared all her misadventures since the time of her post-graduate studies. For a short time Alice thought she had finally achieved a period of calm, at least outside the Institute of Forensic Medicine. But at a moment of emotional disorientation she asks for a transfer. And she is given one: to Domodossola. Luckily for her, or despite herself, Alice does not have much time to dwell on her destiny, for she is immediately engulfed by a new case.
During what she thought was a routine autopsy she finds a diamond in the victim’s stomach. It is a stone of remarkable size and value, but also an important piece of evidence for the case. So Alice calls in a judiciary official so that she can entrust it to his care. The official is a refined, smartly dressed man with an impeccable, courteous manner, and Alice has no hesitation in giving him the diamond. But at that point the purported official vanishes into thin air, and the problems start to get serious for Alice…


Translation rights:
Presses de la Cité/Place des éditeurs (French)
Carl’s Book/Random House (German)
Suma/Santillana (Spanish World Rights)
Evro-Giunti (Serbian)
Nishimura (Japanese)
Jaguar (Polish)
İlgi Kültür Sanat Yayınları (Turkish)