Alessia Gazzola
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Alice Allevi is a young forensic medicine resident. She still has a lot to learn and knows she is a bit absent-minded, often careless. But of one thing she is sure: she loves her job. Even if the institution where she does it is a veritable sanctuary of humiliation. And even if her superiors do not think she is cut out for the job. Alice endures it all, encouraged by the affection of her friends, the vital charge of her Japanese roommate, Yukino, and the often unreciprocated relationship of esteem that binds her to Claudio, her colleague and superior (and perhaps something more). Until the murder. For a forensic scientist, a crime scene inspection is routine; a murder is part of the daily work. But not this time. This time, when Alice enters that luxurious Roman apartment and sees the girl’s corpse lying at her feet, her head surrounded by a halo of blood, she realizes that this will not be a case like any other. For this time she knows the victim.