Alessia Gazzola
Release date:

Le ossa della principessa

Welcome to the great Shrine of Humiliation. That is, the institute of forensic medicine where Alice Allevi does everything in her power to ruin her career as an intern. If it is true that unrequited loves are the most heartbreaking, Alice’s love for forensic medicine trumps them all. It almost seemed as if her troubled existence at the Institute had granted her a reprieve, just enough to try to put her increasingly messy love life in order, but of course that was not the case.
Ambra Negri della Valle, the beautiful, brilliant, insufferable, perfect Queen Bee, disappeared. It’s hard to imagine a more carrion-ridden colleague than her, always ready to make Alice look bad to her superiors, as if she didn’t get into trouble herself, with all the messes she manages to make. Not to mention Ambra’s affair with Claudio Conforti, an established medical examiner who is as gorgeous as he is wicked, the forbidden dream of every resident–and perhaps Alice’s too.
But as much as she detests Ambra, Alice would never go so far as to wish her dead. So when the prosecutor’s office calls her and Claudio and asks them to go identify a dead body just found in a field, Alice fears the worst. As soon as she arrives at the scene of the discovery, however, a thousand questions crowd into her mind: who do those poor bones belong to? And what is a little princess crown doing next to the body?