Alessia Gazzola
Release date:

Lena e la tempesta

It is said that each of us, in the course of our lives, accumulates an average of thirteen secrets. Of these, five are truly unmentionable.
Lena has only one, but it is felt inside as if it were worth a thousand. No matter how hard she tries to forget it, it is inevitable for her to think about it again as she glimpses the island of Levura, the destination of her journey, from the ferry. Levura, where she spent the unforgettable summers of her youth. Where she has not set foot again since she was fifteen. Now her father has given her the family home, and she has decided to rent it to turn her existence around. Because she feels adrift, like a boat lost in the waves. Because the job as an illustrator, which she loves, is at a dead end.
Lena would never want to return to those walls. But it is the only chance she has. As she opens the windows and the sea-smelling wind moves the curtains, the moments of her last vacation there resurface: the chats, the splashes of water on her face, the walks on the beach. And together the memory of that day, burned into her mind. Her plan is to stay in Levura as little time as possible and then start over elsewhere. Yet nothing goes as she had imagined. Lena does not know that the season that tans her pale, delicate face will be so much more for her. She does not know that the island will be a place of unexpected encounters, such as the one with Tommaso, a young doctor who hides shadows behind an apparent security. Day after day, Lena discovers that the truth has a thousand shades. That nothing is really unmentionable. For often guilt hides only a deep fragility.
From the author of The Pupil series, an extraordinary success in bookstores and on TV, a novel about the magic of new beginnings and the will to live by going beyond one’s own barriers. A novel with a protagonist who must come to terms with herself, her past and a heavy secret. A novel that has the scent of the sea, the delicacy of sand between her fingers, the strength of stormy waves.