Alessia Gazzola
Release date:

Un tè a Chaverton House

An old English mansion where anything can happen.
My name is Angelica and this is the list of things I had imagined for myself: a faithful boyfriend, a nice little terrace, parents without high expectations. Too bad none of them came true. Instead, here is the list of things that happened: leaving everything, leaving for England and finding myself with an unexpected job. So I arrived at Chaverton House, an old mansion in Dorset. This trip was supposed to be just a quick visit to investigate an old family history, but it turned out to be so much more. Now shushing the little voice that ties the choice to stay to Alexander, the elusive estate manager, is not easy. But I have to try. He has other things on his mind and so do I. For example, preparing to be a guide for tourists. Although I have found that books are not enough, but I have to memorize the details of a TV series set in Chaverton. People just want to recognize every corner of every cult scene. Instead, I prefer tea services, floral-patterned walls, and especially the library, which holds first editions of Jane Austen and Emily Brontë. It’s like immersing myself in the novels I love. And that is priceless. Or maybe one does and not too low either: meeting Alexander is now the norm. And I am increasingly under the spell of his offended air of nobility. Perhaps the decision to stay is not so right, for I know well that what one should not do is what one wants most. What I don’t know is whether to follow my head or my heart. But maybe they do not go in opposite directions, in fact they are the only two parallel lines that can meet.
Alessia Gazzola is an idol for her readers, for the press and for booksellers. After the bestselling L’allieva series, which is also a major television hit, the Constance series and the novel Lena and the Storm, she is back with a new book that makes you dream amid homemade cakes, the magic of a setting that harkens back to the charm of the past and a little family mystery to solve. Step inside Chaverton House and enjoy the journey.