Alessia Gazzola
Release date:

Una lunga estate crudele

Alice Allevi, a young forensic medicine resident, has now learned to resist everything. Or almost anything.
As a good student, she resists pressure from her superiors, who put her in charge of supervising a resident…
herself, who struggles to supervise herself! This is also evidenced by her tortuous love life. Alice, in fact, still suffers from the hanging heart syndrome that keeps her poised between two men who are as fascinating as they are at opposite ends of the spectrum: Arthur, who has become the Unnamable after too much suffering, and Claudio, the institution’s most upstart coroner, handsome and incorrigible, a genuine tempting devil.
And finally, Alice resists, or tries to, the instinct to launch into fanciful investigative theories whenever, in secret, she cooperates in the investigations of Commissioner Calligaris. Who, on the other hand, proves to have more confidence in her than Alice herself does. But it is difficult to cope with all this together when, in the hottest summer since she has lived in Rome, Alice stumbles upon a case that threatens to involve her far too much.
The discovery of the skeleton of a young theatrical actor, believed to have disappeared years earlier and who was instead murdered, is only the first act in an intricate and complex investigation. Alice will thus have to come to terms with a gallery of characters who, on the surface limpid and sincere, hide unmentionable secrets behind the scenes.
Alice knows: no secret is forever. And those who do not learn to keep their secrets at bay end up being dominated by them–until the most tragic and cruel of endings.