Andrea Camilleri
Release date:

Km 123

It all begins with a switched-off cell phone.

The caller is Ester, who does not answer is Giulio, who ended up in the hospital because of a bad collision on the Aurelia road.

Turning the phone back on, however, is Giuditta, Giulio’s wife, who obviously knows nothing about Ester.

This could be the beginning of a pink comedy, but the color of this story is decidedly another: a witness, in fact, claims that Giulio’s was not an accident, but an attempted murder, and the case goes from the insurance offices to those of the police station.

Andrea Camilleri, undisputed master of the Italian giallo d’autore, gives us a mess full of humor and just as much mystery, in which all the characters – and we who read with them – clue after clue become convinced that they have guessed the truth.