Antonio Manzini
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A woman beaten by her husband, domestic violence denied by the victim, the script that too often precedes a murder. Instead, the body that is found in the woods is that of her husband, Roberto Novailloz, a blow to the head and bruising to the face; he was beaten badly before he was killed. Michela Gambino claims this, but Rocco Schiavone already knows this because in the face-to-face interview with the man he was unable to restrain himself.

The murder investigation gets off to a fast start, looking for the car Novailloz was driving on the night of the murder and which is not found, a car owned by Bulleri srl, an apparently clean company but with nervous and reticent owners. Meanwhile, environmentalist demonstrations also begin in the Valley in the wake of those occurring throughout Italy-demonstrative gestures, chickens released on the highway, cows left to graze in Piazza delle Erbe. Only that the environmentalist protests in Val d’Aosta take on disturbing contours because they are charged with a violence that the boys of the ELP, Liberation Army of the Planet, repudiates. First an assault in a bar, then a TNT envelope in a leather factory, an explosion that kills the owner, Simone Ferrazzi. Rocco does not believe in the ELP’s lead , nor int the claims that ring false to him, and begins an investigation against the grain, among the victim’s familiar folds. Lending him a hand are Furio and Brizio who happened not too coincidentally to be in Aosta, and Caterina. As always, the deputy detective combines searches and stakeouts with investigation into the pettiness of men, rummaging through the insulting reasons that lead to murder, disenchanted, angry, but incredibly lucid. Around him the team that moves in unison, Fumagalli and Gambino always decisive (and about to marry), D’Intino grappling with an old flame from Mozzagrogna, Sandra Buccellato who does not forget, and of course Marina who is not an illusion.