Antonio Manzini
Sellerio editore
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Fate il vostro gioco

Rocco is down in the dumps, betrayed by Caterina who left the Aosta police station, abandoned by his friends, a soul in pain wanders around the city with only a desire for carnal and meaningless relationships. His almost paternal bond with his teenage neighbor, Gabriele, is also complicated because his mother, Cecilia, a fragile, dark, contradictory character, finally breaks into the story. This time Deputy Superintendent Schiavone has to deal with a story of gambling, of greed. As he goes up and down from Aosta to the Saint-Vincent casino a handful of kilometers away, he comes up against the inconsistencies of a state that profits from the bankruptcy of families dragged to the bottom of the barrel by the demon of gambling. Despite the complexity of the investigation Rocco does not forget and tries to mend fences with his Roman friends: Sebastiano is under house arrest, Furio and Brizio barely speak to him. But the task is made more difficult because the shadow of Enzo Baiocchi, who was captured by the police and has now become a turncoat, still stretches over the deputy policeman’s life. The surprises that fate has in store for Schiavone are not over, and there are many questions to be answered: what happened to Caterina? Who was she working for? And why is the prosecution resuming its investigation into the death of Luigi Baiocchi? Play your game is a hard-hitting, disturbing novel, a very high-tension noir.