Antonio Manzini
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Ogni riferimento è puramente casuale

Seven amusements around the world of books. Satire, irony and sarcasm about the cynicism that pervades the culture industry.
“Yet when he began working in publishing, his intentions were otherwise. Books are needed. Books are the building blocks of a society, they said, books are the barrier to single thinking, to theocratic terrorisms, to uncritical thinking, books are the lifeline and the level of civilization of a society. Books are us, they represent us, we think and live because there are books to read. All the sons of bitches in the world have lashed out against books, against the freedom to express oneself, to say what is in one’s heart, even if it is opposed to the powerful, even if it is opposed to dictatorships. […] And now? Accounts, large distribution, eye-catching graphics, back cover, editorial discount, in a word: marketing.”
Between grotesque realism and psychological thriller seven stories about the culture industry, critical, sarcastic, which ideally connect to the polemical vision of On the Verge of the Cliff against the cynicism and speculation that threaten the freedom of books; but in them above all one feels the inventiveness of a great writer and the ability to attract and imprison in the purity of telling.