Marco De Franchi La condanna dei viventi

Author: Marco De Franchi Publisher: Longanesi Release date: 05-05-2022 La condanna dei viventi The child found in the night is hiding something. Fosco claims that he was kidnapped but managed to escape, running through the Tuscan countryside. Nobody believes him, or maybe no one has really tried to listen to him. I did. And I…

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Pietro Del Soldà La vita fuori di sé

Author: Pietro Del Solda Publisher: Marsilio Release date: 05-05-2022 La vita fuori di sé Who has never had a trip that swept away many certainties, an erotic encounter so intense that it led to the discovery of true pleasure, or the unexpected and disconcerting effect of a book, a painting or a melody that literally…

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Giulia Binando Melis La bambina sputafuoco

Author: Giulia Binando Melis Publisher: Garzanti Release date: 10-02-2022 La bambina sputafuoco My name is Mina and I like lots of things. I like lion’s teeth, tinned tuna, books, ricotta, fireflies and, above all, dragons and the fire that comes out of their mouths. Nobody kills dragons, they’re so strong and that’s why I feel…

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Paolo Lanzotti Le ragioni dell’ombra

Author: Paolo Lanzotti Publisher: Tre60 Release date: 3-02-2022 Le ragioni dell’ombra Venice, 1753. In a cold spring, a series of murders and disappearances strikes important members of the Venetian nobility. The story immediately takes on the features of a great international plot to strike at the heart of the Serenissima. Marco Leon, secret agent of…

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