Chiara Fina
Release date:

L’estate brucia ancora

Carlotta is a 13-year-old girl like any other, a normal family, a normal house overlooking the bitter fields of Salento. Emma is a little older and her biography is at opposites: half-Irish origins, musician parents, a psychedelic villa with no rules. Theirs is a strong friendship, but one crossed by many shadows. A bond disrupted suddenly, during the last days of that summer that will mark them forever. When she wakes up in a hospital bed, Carlotta bears the indelible marks of a violence that her mind tries to remove. Emma is what remains of that cursed afternoon.

Many years later, a boy knocks on the protagonist’s door. And Emma’s son, and he demands answers that only his mother’s friend can give. And so, Carlotta tells of the dark, yet shining friendship that united them. By piecing it together with her bare hands, piece by piece. Plumbing the clear waters of the past in search of the truth that at thirteen she had not dared to delve into. A descent into the abyss, to find life again.