Daniela Jurisic
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La tua salute su misura per curarsi anche da sani

Why do some patients fail to feel well again after they have been treated? Is it just bad luck that we fall ill, or does what happens to our bodies have a meaning that we need to discover in order to regain and strengthen our health? Is it possible to activate our body’s natural healing capacity to prevent illness?
All too often, despite our best intentions, we rely on therapies, exercises and practices from which we emerge less energetic or more fragile and more discouraged. But it’s not our bodies that are wrong, it’s simply that there is no single remedy for everyone. And so each of us has to understand which path is most suitable for us, wading our way through the myriad of sometimes contradictory information and advice which we are bombarded with every day.
Thanks to targeted questionnaires that photograph our salutogenesis – the active capacity to produce health even in the presence of disturbance and illness – in this book Daniela Jurisic offers us the chance to discover the systems within ourselves for building wellbeing day after day, and explains how to identify effective remedies (and those to avoid) based on each of our own characteristics.
An approach that revolutionises our relationship with illness and teaches us how to build, get to know and enhance our health. Tailor-measure for us.
There are now universal mantras for health: exercise is good for you; vegetables, fibre and a balanced diet help prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease; stress is a risk factor which, by increasing inflammation, can promote cancer and depression. Yet in a world where chronic pain is increasingly common and cancer patients are relegated to hospital care, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment or drug. The new frontier of medicine and research are ‘somatic practices’, based on integration, on the creation of a tailor-made healthcare, in which the patient is not only his disease but also and always his health, which he can get to know and enhance. Dr Daniela Jurisic, who after years of study and research in the United States opened the only school of Active Integrated Medicine in Italy, teaches us in this book – her first for a general readership – why listening to the patient is the key to the success of treatment. Thanks to targeted tests, the result of her long clinical experience, she has come to define a precise profile of the subject, leveraging the three ‘parameters of salutogenesis’: rhythms of health (“how am I?”), interoception (“how do I feel?”), sense of agenticity (“how can I do it?”). Her method enables us to understand what kind of patient we are and why certain highly recommended health strategies do not seem to work on us or can even make us feel worse, and which ones we should adopt to achieve the desired state of well-being.