Daniela Raimondi
Casa Editrice Nord
Release date:

Il primo sole dell’estate

It’s a cold home, the one in which Norma grows up, where parents do not divorce for the sake of quiet life and hugs can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Perhaps that’s why, when Norma is away from her parents, everything seems nicer to her. Like the summers spent at her grandparents’, in Stellata, a village where time seems to stand still and made even more magical by Grandma Neve’s tales of a family of dreamers and psychics and the gypsy woman who marked their path. And then, always in Stellata, there is Elia, a companion of games and confidences. However, when childhood gives way to adolescence, Norma finds that she is afraid of the new feelings that bind her to Elia and decides to break off their friendship. It will be many years before the two find each other again in London and the relationship turns into an adult and all-embracing love, but fate is writing another page for her, a page that began in Stellata and will end far away, in Brazil. Because dreams always have a price and happiness is a gift that is won through hard work.