Daniela Raimondi
Casa Editrice Nord
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La casa sull’argine

The Casadio family has always lived in the village of Stellata, at the crossroads of Lombardy, Emilia and Veneto. Simple, straightforward, hardworking people. Then, in the early 19th century, something changes: Giacomo Casadio falls in love with Viollca Toska, a gypsy woman, and marries her. From that moment, the descendants of the family split into two strains: the blue-eyed, blond-haired dreamers, who collect Giacomo’s inheritance, and the psychics, who have the eyes and black hair of Viollca, the seer. From Achilles, determined to find out how much a breath weighs, to Hedwig, who plays trump with her uncle who died two centuries earlier; from Adele, who goes all the way to Brazil, to Snow, who exudes a sweet perfume when she is happy, the Casadio family lives suspended between the irrepressible desire to defy destiny and the dangerous habit of chasing their dreams. And they carry each choice to the end, no matter whether dictated by love or rebellion, a thirst for justice or the will to change the world. But especially in spite of the terrible prophecy that Viollca read in the tarot cards on a stormy night….
The saga of a family that unravels through two centuries of History, traversing the events that marked Italy: from the revolutionary uprisings that led to Unification to the Years of Lead. An epic and intimate story at once, a novel in which to immerse oneself in order to recover the magic of dreams and rediscover all that makes us truly alive.


Diritti di traduzione:

Intrinseca (Portuguese)

Slatkine (French)

Ullstein (German)

Patakis (Greek)

Kinneret (Hebrew)

Alma littera (Lithuanian)

De Bezige Bij (Dutch)

Sonia Draga (Polish)

İlksatır Yayınevi (Tukish)

Arkadia Publishing (Russian)

Grijalbo (World Spanish Rights)

Dereta (Serbian)