Davide Boosta Dileo
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C’era una volta il silenzio e altre favole per innamorati

These fairy tales are born as a pledge of love, and you can feel it. For of love, of intimacy, of warmth shines every word.

They are fairy tales for adults who have never stopped feeling like children, wondering why things happen, having imaginary friends, dreaming of loves that last forever and worlds governed by the laws of imagination.

How did day and night come into being?

How do two lovers who live on distant planets love each other?

What would you do in the shoes of the Silence, forced to guard the secrets of billions of people?

If love were a road that no one knows where it leads, would you set out to travel it?

These are some of the questions-small and huge, philosophical and everyday-to which Davide Dileo aka Boosta, who has been translating his visions into music and words for years, seeks an answer in the boundless world of his imagination. The result is this little concentrate of poetry made of stories and images: they are songs without notes, bedtime stories, miniature worlds, declarations of love.