Eleonora Mazzoni


After graduating in Literature from the University of Bologna with Professor Ezio Raimondi and graduating in acting from the Alessandra Galante Garrone School of Theater, she worked as an actress for theater, film and TV until 2010. She has published Le difettose (Einaudi, 2012), Gli ipocriti (Chiarelettere, 2015), In becco alla cicogna! (Blue Ball, 2016) and La testa sul tuo petto. Sulle tracce di San Giovanni (San Paolo, 2016). Some of her short stories and writings have appeared in several anthologies. She writes subjects and screenplays for film and television. Since 2022 she has been the artistic director of the Caterina Sforza Cultural Festival di Forlì. L’anticonformista.


Il cuore è un guazzabuglio. Vita e capolavoro del rivoluzionario Manzoni
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Cover_Il cuore

Il Manzoni, always called with the article preceding his last name, whom we imagine as students is a perpetually middle-aged man with a grave and somewhat absent gaze, similar to the one portrayed by Francesco Hayez in one of his most famous paintings. A man who can hardly inspire sympathy, just as his masterpiece, I promessi sposi, can hardly inspire it, which as listless adolescents we sip like a bitter medicine to swallow because “it’s good for you.” But, reading carefully the one thousand eight hundred letters he left us and the testimonies of family and friends, Manzoni turns out to be very different from that. An ironic and affable conversationalist, in the forefront of everything, animated by a burning political fire, as a young man he was rebellious and libertine, remaining restless throughout his existence. Indeed, once he became a writer, Alessandro, let’s call him by his name now, poured his restlessness into his work as few others have been able to do. The Betrothed reflects, in fact, all the passions that stirred an adventurous life full of emotional turmoil: maternal abandonment, fatherlessness, spiritual travail, the civil struggle for a united Italy free from the foreign oppressor. A great popular novel, traversed by an indomitable spirit, capable of penetrating human beings and their hearts. And of still shaking our souls today.