Eliana Liotta
La nave di Teseo
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Il cibo che ci salverà

There is a food that is both kind to the body and kind to the planet. It is smart food, fit for the Anthropocene, the era in which we live and where humans are the ones influencing nature’s events. The Food That Will Save Us, the new book by Eliana Liotta, shows how essential an ecological turn at the table is to help the earth and health. To save the environment, it is no longer enough to ride a bike, buy a hybrid car and remember to turn off the lights. It is not enough to think only about oil and coal. As the UN warns, global warming cannot stop without changing the food system, on which one-third of greenhouse gas emissions responsible for rising temperatures depend. What is extraordinary is that the lunches and dinners advocated to curb pollution and climate run amok are exactly the same ones that protect health and boost the immune system. We tend to forget this: we are part of the whole.
In this essay, the author presents for the first time a reflection from a dual scientific approach, ecological and nutritional, with advice from the European Institute on Economics and the Environment and the San Donato Group Foundation’s EAT Project.
Five diets were proposed, both ecocarnivorous and plant-based, capable of mitigating pollutant emissions and improving our figure and our health. Hundreds of answers offered to curiosities about the impact of food, from intensive farming to fishing, from avocado cultivation to synthetic steak prototypes. We are what we eat, and what we eat can change the world.
This book has scientific input from the European Institute on Economics and the Environment (EIEE), directed by Massimo Tavoni, and the EAT – Sustainable Food Project of the San Donato Group Foundation, chaired by Gilda Gastaldi.