Eliana Liotta
La Nave di Teseo
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L’età non è uguale per tutti

Everything depends on others. Only time is our own.
Can youth be dilated? The answer is yes. A picture book that teaches how to defend our bodies and our health, with practical suggestions for diet and exercise.
Can youth be dilated? And reverse the aging process? The answer is yes, age is not the same for everyone. For the first time in Europe, a psychophysical program to improve the quality of life is being developed with the contribution of different specialists from a large clinical and research center, led by Alberto Mantovani, the scientific director of Humanitas, the most cited Italian scientist in the international literature. Why does it happen that biological age does not coincide with registry age? What is the secret to retaining the golden years of body and mind? These are the questions of those who care about aesthetics and those who want to ward off diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, rheumatological and neurodegenerative diseases.
 The key is to extinguish inflammation, to throw water on the small fires with a two-faced nature that burn within us: sometimes protective, sometimes destructive like any self-respecting flame. Eliana Liotta recounts as in a novel the clashes between good and evil that take place in the recesses of our bodies, with the soldiers of the immune system engaged in a daily war that no one imagines fighting. In the second part of the book, each reader will find an easy and practical guide, with explanatory illustrations, for applying the results of scientific research to his or her everyday life: from diet to exercises. A unique project in Europe, with the scientific stamp of Humanitas, a world reference for immune system research.