Ersilia Vaudo
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The hand that drops the apple from a tree is the same hand that moves celestial gears: gravity. This of Newton is one of the great insights that changed the way we read the universe. Then came others. Two hundred years later, Einstein introduced a new twist. With the promotion of the speed of light to absolute magnitude absolute, in the theory of special relativity space and time are forever bound together. And in the theory of general relativity general gravity is transformed, it becomes the imprint left by matter in the “soft” geometry of spacetime. From there shortly, a further surprise. The gaze of Hubble reveals the possibility of a universe no longer static and unchanging, but expanding, with a beginning, an age, a history. Meanwhile, Dirac from the solutions of an equation brings out antimatter. Much remains to be understood, however. We know that the expansion of the universe accelerates, but not what drives it. What if our universe is one of many bubbles in a cosmic foam? If other dimensions existed rolled up upon themselves and invisible to us? Mirabilis is a ticket to a journey to places so unknown as to appear fantastic.