Fabiano Massimi
Release date:

Vivi nascosto

Night is about to give way to yet another hot day in the Emilian summer when Bruno Muta, a former enfant prodige of fashion, is found brutally murdered in the garage of his home. The fashion designer, not long out of prison after a conviction for false accounting, lived alone and without outside contact, but from some details at the scene of the crime the police deduce that he knew his killer. This detail cannot help but shake the Montecristo Club, the secret mutual aid association of ex-convicts that Ares Malerba, Muta’s longtime cellmate, was about to join. Now Malerba has disappeared, having escaped from semi-freedom in the same hours as the crime, and knowing the investigators’ doggedness against anyone who has been guilty in the past–never mind if already served and redeemed–the Club fears that Ares will end up at the top of the list of suspects. A counter-investigation outside the law is urgently needed, entrusted to the bizarre pair who have already solved the Ferrante case: Arno Maletti, a hacker in his spare time, and Lans Iula, a past as a painter and bank robber. Will the two friends be able to get to the bottom of the murder, and, even more difficult, their personal troubles and mysteries?