Fabio Genovesi
Release date:

Rolando del camposanto

Rolando lives in the cemetery, along with his uncle who is a caretaker. He leaves it only to go to school, where his classmates avoid him, and he has no friends except for a blackbird named Cip. When cousins Marika and Mirko Gini appear among the gravestones one day, Rolando finds two friends his own age. But the Gini cousins are ghosts and soon disappear forever in the Big Hole. To save them , Rolando must go deep into the Puppet Mountain, all the way to the black darkness, to find the Red Thing by midnight the next day, when it will also be his birthday. The journey together with Cip through the wilderness turns into a resounding feat, in the company of unforgettable characters: a lurching robivecchi, a cross-eyed hunter, an elegant and refined female boar, and a wild child who calls herself Tiger and lives in the woods.