Fabio Genovesi
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Tutti primi sul traguardo del mio cuore

For thousands of kilometers, by car, on foot, on ferries, buses and cable cars, a caravan full of color tries to keep up with the furious pace set by the cyclists who in three weeks tour all of Italy, from the Amalfi coast to the rugged contours of Vajont.
Also part of it is a writer, who since childhood has dreamed of participating in the Giro d’Italia and throws himself into the adventure with absolute enthusiasm, ready to be inflamed by the epic that cycling has always unleashed. But he soon discovers that the tenacity and passion of the riders are only part of the story. For it is precisely everything that happens around the race that will make the journey resounding.
Along the back roads, in the wild or cemented heart of the Italian province, you are likely to get lost at every fork in the road as you encounter jubilant crowds and clamorous characters, villages as crazy as the people who inhabit them, aldermen dedicated to promoting singing daughters, break-dancing firemen, mature piano-bar musicians trying to squeeze in castings reserved for teenagers, obscure poets on the hunt for publishers… the thousand impossible follies that only real life can give us.
To the burning passion for cycling – a great metaphor for the toil and glory hidden at every turn of life – Fabio Genovesi combines his unparalleled humor, making this book, now reissued in a new edition, the chronicle of an extraordinary sporting feat and at the same time the jarring and memorable tale of our country, its weaknesses and its great dreams.