Franco Bernini
Release date:

A ciascuno i suoi santi

Enrica is no ordinary girl. She is reckless, vital, unpredictable. Without certainty and without fear. But she has a weakness: she cares too much about the number of her followers. Bruno Brunori is not just anyone either; he is a leading face on television, so much so that he has high hopes of leading the next Sanremo festival. But he too has a weakness: his fate is inextricably linked to the Auditel ratings. But ratings are plummeting irreversibly. When Bruno realizes that he will have to say goodbye to his dreams and lose his job, he decides to manipulate the data. With the complicity of Pietro, an old friend of his, he manages to get his hands on the highly secret lists of champion families whose choices determine success. The two set out on a journey across Italy to hunt for endorsements. They have five days to save themselves from disaster. They go from house to house, from family to family, getting in touch with the underbelly of the country. And they run into Enrica, to whom the province is close, who out of disquiet will join them in this adventure with an unpredictable outcome. And she will discover to her cost that nothing on television nor on the web is as it appears. To Each His Saints is an on-the-road tale of an Italy that is both lost and lively. Franco Bernini takes us on this journey with a gaze that is sometimes ironic, sometimes bitter, always capable of surprising us. A merciless but also hopeful fresco.