Gabriella Greison
Bollati Boringhieri
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Einsten forever

His image is everywhere. On mugs, T-shirts, on city walls, on pins and bags; and his phrases and aphorisms about science and life are quoted every day.

Albert Einstein is the true iconic scientist of the last century; his name-even for those who struggle to chew physical theories-is synonymous with eccentric genius (famous is the anecdote about his wardrobe being full of identical suits so that he wasted no time in the morning thinking about how to dress); good-natured wisdom; but also decisiveness (think of the time he wrote to President Roosevelt urging him to initiate what would be the American nuclear program that led to the first atomic bomb). His seemingly unkempt appearance has inspired dozens of film adaptations with a quirky scientist at their center (think of the mythical Doc from Back to the Future, whose dog is not coincidentally named Einstein!).

By the sheer force of his mind and ideas, Einstein revolutionized the way we conceive and interpret the world and the universe, and if a single formula with disruptive potential – E=mc2 – is enough to decry his immense intellectual legacy, the image we perceive today surpasses that of the mere scientist. Einstein has become a true pop icon, synonymous with absolute genius, visionary, a source of inspiration and role model for millions. A symbol.

This is precisely where Einstein Forever, the passionate account of how a “simple” physicist changed the world and became an iconic genius and a universally recognized figure, takes off.

In her personal and engaging style, Gabriella Greison takes us through Einstein’s American years, his life and thoughts, tracing the stages that led him to literally upend our conception of the world and the universe. Following research, interviews, field meetings in America, and after consulting archival material in research centers around the world, Greison restores to us an Einstein as human as ever, immersed in his time, a tireless dreamer concerned with human destiny and a popularizer capable of enchanting us with his stories.

Einstein Forever is an unashamed declaration of love for an out-of-the-ordinary man who taught-and continues to teach-all of us to push the limits of imagination and thought.