Giulia Binando Melis
Release date:

La bambina sputafuoco

My name is Mina and I like lots of things. I like lion’s teeth, tinned tuna, books, ricotta, fireflies and, above all, dragons and the fire that comes out of their mouths. Nobody kills dragons, they’re so strong and that’s why I feel like I’m one of them, in fact the first time I saw Lorenzo I wasn’t even scared. He was furious, he was screaming at the top of his lungs and he threw me the most awful look. But I knew that he was just really angry, like me. We didn’t like being inside here one bit and that was a great reason to become friends.
We do stuff together, and I mean really do stuff. We’re two nasty pieces of work and when people see us they run for it straight away. Even fear does.
Against fear we use our imaginations, and it always works. But we can’t do anything without courage either, we need that to fine-tune our secret plan. An escape plan with bells on. Because Lorenzo and I have to escape. We have to get out of this hospital where we’ve been for far too long and reach the world outside.
Because when we see the sky everything will change.
Because when we’re together nothing can beat us.
There are debuts that echo in the hearts of those who read them, and ‘The Girl Who Breathes Fire’ is one such debut. We are all Mina when we listen to the little boy or girl inside of us, when we let fantasy guide us, when we entrust ourselves to a true friendship that doesn’t leave us feeling alone.
Based on the experience of the author, this is a book that teaches is how the power of the imagination can always pull us out of trouble.


Translation rights sold to:

Slatkine (French)

Nube de Tinta (Spanish)

Sonia Draga (Polish)

Epsilon (Turkish)

Patakis (Greek)

Unieboek Het Spectrum (Dutch)