Ilaria Bernardini
Release date:

Faremo Foresta

The enchanting story of two women who overcame fear and pain by cultivating an urban forest together. A universal recipe for when life feels barren. A botanical tale of closeness and caring.
Anna is mourning the end of her love-she and Nico’s dad are breaking up-when she runs into Maria by chance. As they chat, Maria begins to get sick, very sick. Anna calls for help; later it will be discovered that she has had an aneurysm. They will spend a long summer recovering together, but how does one relearn how to live after realizing how close the end is? Around the two women only drought and fear, even the plants on the terrace of Anna’s house are all half-dead. Until they begin to take care of them together, and as the plants grow lushly, the two begin to get to know each other, to care for each other’s loneliness, and, just like the terrace, this story turns into a forest, so joyous and wild that it contains the events of Anna’s entire eccentric family, so extensive that it reaches as far as London, where her new love lives. Ilaria Bernardini has drawn on a private affair – illness, the end of a marriage, a child to protect – to bring to life a powerful poetic universe in which words sprout like branches and leaves.


Translation rights:
Grijalbo (Spain)