Lara Berettieri
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Bircàbia Òrphin

Bircàbia is a volcanic and unabashed 16-year-old girl who moved to Rome from her eccentric Aunt Diana to pursue her dream of becoming a theater actress. Together with her best friend Lùnia, a refined heiress of a noble Russian lineage, she attends the Centro Studi d’Arte and faces the daily grind of student life, amid quirky teachers, bullies and classmates who go out of their way to make her feel inadequate, and the talented Rìon, tremendously mysterious and charming, but equally annoying. Bircàbia and Lùnia seem like normal teenagers-if it weren’t for their outlandish names-but secretly, at night, they attend gatherings held at Villa Zaffìra, an enchanted and occult place in the heart of the capital, reachable by taking the 333 barred bus and perceptible only to those with extraordinary eyesight and magical nature. And it is at one of these gatherings that they discover that the Magical Community to which they belong is shaken by a series of dark disappearances, and whose intrigues will eventually involve them ever more closely, leading them into unexpected adventures and revelations that will change everything they have ever taken for granted, including themselves.