Lorenzo Bozzi
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Mi sono distratto un attimo

Lorenzo is easily-distracted, that much is beyond doubt. No end of acronyms are used to label him; ADHD, SEN… He has a collection of certificates that even the doctors who gave them to him struggle to keep track of. He has run the gauntlet of compulsory education with his trousseau of anorthograpy, dyscalculia, dysgraphia.. and a problem with concentration.
From the first days of primary school through to the last days of middle school, he didn’t enjoy the easiest of rides but, if nothing else, and by his own admission, school gave him the toolkit for surviving… at school!
In this book where nothing is conventional, but everything is special, Lorenzo shows us the world through his eyes and helps us to imagine unconventional perspectives like his own. Like those of the children who have different ways and rhythms of learning, those who can’t sit still on their chair, those who perhaps mix up letters when they write or who, maybe, when they draw a black sun, it’s not because they’ve suffered some unspeakable trauma, but because they wanted to draw an eclipse.