Lorenzo Mattotti
Rizzoli Lizard
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Periferica. Storie ai margini

Reality is Squinting, Tram Tram Rock, Accidents and Other Unpublished Tales. Early works by a master of international comics. In this collection of stories created between 1974 and 1980, some of them in collaboration with scriptwriters Fabrizio Ostani (aka Jerry Kramsky) and Antonio Tettamanti, Lorenzo Mattotti restores to us the intensity with which he lived those days of hope, fear and revolt. Peripheral is the key to understanding the stylistic and personal evolution of a great artist, who in this book tells his story not only through his comics from that time, but also in a series of reflections written for the occasion. A reading of great intensity, showing a hidden, marginal, volcanic Italy, and making us dance among the lights and shadows of an unrepeatable season of our past.