Luisella Mazza
Release date:

Bum Bum Bum

Oscar is an Argentine tango teacher who, when his partner leaves him for a Caribbean dancing instructor, simultaneously loses his job and the most important relationship of his life. It’s at that point that he starts being haunted by a mysterious inner voice − the “voice of the heart” − which shows up at the least appropriate times, and speaks to him only by citing pop songs or ancient poems. Also appearing in Oscar’s new life are, among other things: Vasco Rossi, cardboard boxes for a forced house move, Marie Kondo, an upscale supermarket and a discount one, Candido the magician, simple and articulated prepositions, Gianni Morandi, and a ponytail of blond hair swaying left and right. Only at the end, after a sudden twist of events, will Oscar understand what the inner voice wanted from him, and he will decide to follow it in order to continue living − and not just surviving.