Luisella Mazza was born in Genoa in 1982. She has lived in Barcelona and Dublin, and for the past few years she has been living in London. She holds degrees in Foreign Languages (University of Bologna) and Computing (Technological University Dublin). Since 2005 she has worked at Google, focusing on the use of technology to support arts and culture, information quality and more recently, on Open Source programs. She has a passion for global arts and culture, developed over years of international work and travel, particularly in the United States, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.


Bum Bum Bum
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Oscar is an Argentine tango teacher who, when his partner leaves him for a Caribbean dancing instructor, simultaneously loses his job and the most important relationship of his life. It’s at that point that he starts being haunted by a mysterious inner voice − the “voice of the heart” − which shows up at the least appropriate times, and speaks to him only by citing pop songs or ancient poems. Also appearing in Oscar’s new life are, among other things: Vasco Rossi, cardboard boxes for a forced house move, Marie Kondo, an upscale supermarket and a discount one, Candido the magician, simple and articulated prepositions, Gianni Morandi, and a ponytail of blond hair swaying left and right. Only at the end, after a sudden twist of events, will Oscar understand what the inner voice wanted from him, and he will decide to follow it in order to continue living − and not just surviving.