Marco De Franchi
Release date:

La condanna dei viventi

The child found in the night is hiding something. Fosco claims he was kidnapped but managed to escape, running through the Tuscan countryside. No one believes him, or maybe no one has really tried to listen to him.
I have. And I know that inside his tale lies something terrible. Something bigger than him and, perhaps, than me. But what could it be?
Only when another child disappears do I begin to see a glimmer to pursue my investigation. Fosco and Andrea live far apart, don’t know each other, have nothing in common. Except their appearance: they are identical, they could be twins. Andrea, however, does not reappear: it is up to me to find him, to flush out whoever killed his father and took him away from his mother. It’s up to me to save his life.
But alone I cannot do it; I need help.
The only one who believes in me is Fabio Costa, an outcast policeman with a dark past, sent to confinement in a small provincial police station.
As the number of victims increases, and the riddles become more and more indecipherable, I realize that the perpetrator of these crimes is responding to a higher design. His is a morbid, fierce, unstoppable obsession: turning his own visionary follies into violent realities. Into delirious works of art.
My name is Valentina Medici, I am the youngest commissioner of the Central Operations Service, and this is my first, real investigation. And it is also likely to be the last of my life. Because no one can fall into a pit so black, so deep, and hope to emerge from it unscathed.


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Xander (Dutch)

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