Marco Scardigli
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She looks like any little girl. But her powers are limitless.
Sibil appears to be no more than a young girl. She eats plain rice and she needs warmth and silence. But this is just the surface: in fact, Sibil has a mysterious past which endowed her with boundless abilities. She possesses all the skills of any human being, but her mind conceals other things: she is capable of intercepting anything that travels along digital pathways. She is far more powerful than any computer, and far more dangerous.
Indeed, her very existence is a closely guarded secret.
This is why Colonel Marisa Santandrea cannot reveal even to her own team that Sibil is the ace they have up their sleeve. Together with Captains Addolorata Rubino and Mariangela Ortiga, she is part of a special unit of the Guardia di Finanza (the Italian finance police), one which was created out of the blue, made up of only women, and called in now to tackle a very high-profile investigation concerning a flow of illegal funds between Italy and Switzerland. The three are well-known as being experts in their field as well as hard nuts to crack: in a word, they are infallible. But now they are in trouble. The case is becoming ever more intricate, and the enemy appears to be impossible to pin down.
Sibil is their last chance, when everything else seems lost…
In a gripping thriller full of twists and turns, with great skill and delicacy, Marco Scardigli explores the interface where the human and the digital spheres merge, giving rise to an unforgettable character.