Massimo Recalcati
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Lutto e nostalgia

La luce delle stelle morte. Saggio su lutto e nostalgia

At the heart of this book is the relationship of human life to the traumatic experience of loss. What happens inside us when we lose those we have deeply loved? What emptiness opens wide? What work awaits us to return to life? And what happens when this work proves impossible and we feel lost along with those we have lost? The work of mourning and nostalgia are two examples of how we can stay close to what we have lost but not be engulfed by grief. While our time exalts the future, the project, and resourcefulness, mourning and nostalgia remind us that looking backward is not always a sign of helplessness, but can also nurture the resources we need to be truly able to never stop being born. Can light come from the past? Can there be light in the dust?