Paolo Lanzotti
Release date:

Le carte segrete della Serenissima

Venice, June 1753. On the evening of his birthday, after a few too many drinks, Dr. Augusto Florian, a former doctor in the service of the Inquisition, finds the body of a dying man and catches a glimpse of his killer on the run. After unsuccessfully trying to save the unfortunate man, a pharmacist who was to make a delivery to the British consulate, Florian, with blood on his hands, is arrested by the Lords of the Night on charges of murder. Alvise Geminiani, head of the Inquisition, asks Marco Leon to investigate, but when two more bodies are found, it becomes clear that there is something bigger behind those murders than a simple matter of money. And of this Leon has further confirmation after finding out from Lady Marion, the woman he loves, that his godfather, the British consul, is in trouble. But what do a simple pharmacist and a member of the city nobility like the consul have in common? And why is an old enemy of the Republic, the Frenchman, back in town? What is certain is that it will not be easy for Leon to put together the pieces of the mosaic and get to the bottom of the intrigue that could endanger Lady Marion, and perhaps have serious political consequences.

Against the backdrop of the Venetian calli, amid secret documents, spies and dark plots, will Marco Leon succeed in unraveling the enigma that seems to intertwine petty criminal interests with a diabolical subversive project?