Paolo Lanzotti
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Le ragioni dell’ombra

Venice, 1753. In a cold spring, a series of murders and disappearances strikes important members of the Venetian nobility. The story immediately takes on the features of a great international plot to strike at the heart of the Serenissima. Marco Leon, secret agent of the State Inquisition, is called to investigate, but the stakes are very high: the new magistrates of the Inquisition are in fact determined to disband the Black Angels, the body of secret agents who have always supported him in his investigations. When the inquisitor most determined to eliminate the Angels, the nobleman Biagio Donà, suffers an attack, Leon and his men try to shed light on the facts that are throwing the nobility of the lagoon into panic. This time the Angels will also have to fight for their existence. But who is behind this chain of crimes? Who could have an interest in undermining the foundations of the Republic? Is it a plot against the patriciate or is it just what they want us to believe? And again, what role does the past play in all this? Amidst disappearances and intrigue, vendettas and interrogations, Paolo Lanzotti takes us back through the canals of the Serenissima in this new, overwhelming Venetian investigation.