Pietrangelo Buttafuoco
La Nave di Teseo
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I baci sono definitivi

Every day, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco-with his commuter backpack-enters the subway, finds himself between the pages of a spell and chronicles it. Every day he faces the underground journey and makes a note of it for his own notebook. Extraordinary encounters in the ordinary rising of dawn. Lovers’ tales, poignant spells, songs, dedications and epics experienced among the seats, handrails and escalators of the lines hidden underground. Webs that then unravel in the seductive tangle of railroad transits, automobile trips and walks along roads of a world pleasantly revealed to the eyes of the imagination. An exercise in observation intended for the notebook. A staging canvas, tearing reality from the everyday to reveal, in the enjoyment of a single moment reflected on the windows of a carriage, the truth of poetry.