Pietrangelo Buttafuoco
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Il mio Leo Longanesi

Leo Longanesi was a polemical and nonconformist innovator, an outstanding writer who embodied the best tradition of Italian journalism and transmitted his spirit to the publishing house he founded. A true enfant terrible, a merciless whipping boy, whose writings still retain years later the same ability to fix the vices and virtues of our country: the few excellences, the many limitations.
On the occasion of his seventy years of life and publications, the Longanesi publishing house celebrates its founder with an anthology collecting his recollections, aphorisms and all his most scathing and corrosive writings. This collection, edited by Pietrangelo Buttafuoco – who has always been nourished by Leo Longanesi – gives us back, with the great personality of the man who liked to call himself “an artichoke under hate,” one of the most important chapters of Italian comedy.