Pietrangelo Buttafuoco
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Salvini e/o Mussolini

Are the League and its leader, Matteo Salvini, nothing less than the return of fascism and its leader, Benito Mussolini? A part of public opinion is convinced that they are. In particular, the Left – which for the author represents the identifying core of the Italian regimented in conditioned reflexes – in fact makes the Carroccio and the Captain, who led it to become the first party, the Number One danger to civil society. Thus, taking a cue from a title by Ezra Pound – Jefferson and/or Mussolini – where the poet tells in parallel the president of the United States and the Duce, the refined pen of Pietrangelo Buttafuoco – a contributor to Fatto quotidiano – compares the two characters. Under the sign of populism, formidable portraits come out, dispelling any doubts about similarities and likenesses. “Like making the comparison between Rita Hayworth and I don’t know who, where Mussolini is the Hollywood femme fatale and Salvini is – at most – an Elettra Lamborghini, fitting as an example because the latter is an irresistible influencer.”