Pietrangelo Buttafuoco
La Nave di Teseo
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Strabuttanissima Sicilia

Rosario Crocetta goes away and leaves his hole: a chasm in the living flesh of Sicily, due to the inability of a government that only the imposture of a Pappagone Revolution could make survive for an entire legislature. With the complicity of national political leaders, all indifferent to the fate of the most important piece of history and future put at the center of the Mediterranean. And with the wretched social devastation resulting from the lie of lies: regional Autonomy, prime mover of corruption, waste and underdevelopment. As in a constantly updated script, the land of contradictions is back in the spotlight, with the urgency that the chronicle demands. Actors on stage, with the outgoing governor, his folkloric aldermen, the accursed arsonists who return each summer to set fire to acres of land on the altar of expediency, and the clever ones who mock the fools. But also the eternal giants who make Sicily great, like Andrea Camilleri, and then the fallen, who tell the story of a comeback, like Totò Cuffaro. The result is a merciless and shrewd snapshot, disconsolate in its naked truth and at the same time hilarious in the dynamics it portrays. After Buttanissima, here is Strabuttanissima Sicilia to recount the troubles of the land that damned loves itself, a land that even in the face of the evidence of the abyss refuses to want to learn from its mistakes. Tomasi di Lampedusa was right. And we, unfortunately, wrong. Nothing, in fact, changes.