Pietro Del Solda
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La vita fuori di sé

Who has never had a trip that swept away many certainties, an erotic encounter so intense that it led to the discovery of true pleasure, or the unexpected and disconcerting effect of a book, a painting or a melody that literally dragged us beyond the limits of our ego, suddenly reappear in the memory? These are the adventures, experiences that break the routine, forgotten or removed fractures that, when recalled, rekindle silenced desires.
In a gripping hand-to-hand encounter with the founding texts of Western culture and the most original contemporary readings, the author brings together the problems of our everyday lives and Herodotus’ “Histories”, the insights of Georg Simmel and Kazantzakis’ “Odyssey”, Sartre’s theatre and Plato’s “confessions” in his most autobiographical work, the ironic wisdom of wisdom of Montaigne and the unsettling metaphors metaphors of Jankélévitch. As in a travelogue, fascinating connections across centuries and continents thus take us back to the field of Marathon, to the roots of the concepts of freedom and happiness for the Greeks; to South America with Alexander Alexander von Humboldt, forerunner of an dea of nature that we cannot but make our own; in Prague, among the scandalised public at the premiere Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”, and, in the North African desert North African desert, on the trail of the writer Isabelle Eberhardt.
An invitation to question ourselves without necessarily resorting to an escape into the wild, because “a daring enterprise or an irrelevant episode: everything can be an adventure or an ordinary ordinary existence, it can fit into the the script of our lives or take the form as an exciting exception, but one that which “mysteriously” contains that unconfessed vocation that everyday life is unable to bring to the light”.