Pietro Galeotti
Release date:

La riunione

A great television author recounts the craft behind the programs and schedules, the flops and peaks of Auditel. A wry and fierce memoir, populated with characters poised between enthusiasm and resignation: ‘We hold out as long as we can, we get paid so much per humiliation.

“- Squandering ideas is a sin, not having them is a crime.

– The choreographer is offended if you call him a choreographer.

– The singer to perform asks for an oriental carpet. But he’s fine with false.

– New ideas are needed, refrain competent.

– Fantasize about what is possible.

– The female role would be there, but then it has to be well written.

– Sooner or later they will tell you they need a right-wing host.

– In other programs they all go free.

– Certainly currently there is not even the day of airing.

– Almost nothing is more useless than common sense in our business, maybe only meetings for promos.

– My general idea is this, but it has to be put down well by you authors.

– All memorable broadcasts are similar to each other; every negligible broadcast is negligible in its own way.

– Never order salad in a restaurant.”

Peter Galeotti recounts a world of painted walls all the same and all bad, where he has spent his human and professional life, written and signed successful programs we have all seen and flops no one has seen. Talk shows, variety shows, dailies, second nights, kids’ TV, events, special events, self-styled events, finally arriving where he is today: still in meetings.

– So you are the director?

– No, I write.

– Why is that?